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Top Agent Sarina Han is the Vice President of Luxmore Realty, where she leads a tight-knit team to assist clients throughout Western Vancouver and the surrounding areas.

Upon moving from China to Canada in 2001, Sarina Han began searching for a place to settle down in Vancouver. While searching for her dream home, however, she fell in love with real estate and decided to pursue her license. “Seeing all the beautiful houses in Vancouver really motivated me to become a Realtor,” she says. “After obtaining my license, I haven’t looked back.”

Since starting out in 2006, Sarina has authored an accomplished, fifteen year career as an agent. Today, she is the Vice President of Luxmore Realty, where she leads a tight-knit team to assist clients throughout Western Vancouver and the surrounding areas. Utilizing her outstanding work ethic and extensive connections in Asia, she specializes in facilitating transactions for an international client base, earning the M.L.S.

Medallion Club 10% Award in each year from 2009 to 2020.

When listing a home, Sarina combines her acute business instincts with her in-depth knowledge of the local marketplace to empower her clients. After helping them fully prepare their home for the market, she broadcasts it over both her personal website and a blend of print publications. Well-versed in platforms like WeChat, she also connects her clients to a buyers’ pool within her own network and further amplifies their listings via promotional events in the community. But from beginning to end, she is there for her clients, navigating their transaction and maximizing their value.

Elsewhere, Sarina is just as hands-on with her buyers. Leaning on her years of experience, she carefully guides them to the right home for their needs. But for her, the transaction lasts well after closing, as she remains in touch with her clients to cultivate a lasting relationship and ensure they are thriving in their new homes. Due to her compassionate approach, she has gained a fantastic reputation throughout Vancouver, with the vast majority of her volume coming from repeat clients and referrals.

Through the years, Sarina has truly made her mark in Vancouver. In 2015, she bought a breath-taking house for her buyer on one of Belmont’s most in-demand streets at $51,800,000, the current record for a residential home in the region. Likewise, in 2016, she sold an exceptional house on Belmont at $29,800,000, and currently, she is selling the most beautiful house in First Shaughnessy, asking at $35,800,000.

While averaging close to $100 million in annual volume, Sarina enjoys nothing more than advocating her clients’ best interests. “For some clients, the negotiation process can be really tough or frustrating,” she says. “But I love it. After all, it’s so rewarding to help a client through their transaction and solve their problems along the way. Once I finish a deal, I feel hyped not only for them—but also for myself.”

Outside her career, Sarina is deeply involved in her community, supporting various organizations such as her local Children’s Hospital. In fact, she has earned numerous awards for her charitable work, including the Volunteer Contribution and Financial Support to Build a Better Community Honors. When she’s not with clients or giving back, she can be found caring for her mother, practicing yoga, or training on the elliptical.

Going forward, Sarina has strong plans for the future of her business. With her volume maintaining its steady growth, she looks forward to expanding her work with commercial and investment properties. In the meantime, though, she is more than satisfied with the fulfilling life she has established in the city that first brought her to real estate. “I’m so happy with where we’re at,” she says. “As long as I continue working hard for my clients, I trust the rest will fall into place.”

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